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Newborn baby photography studio in Leeds, West Yorkshire
Why is my business called 'Secret Smile Photography'?

I get asked quite a lot why I called my photography business this - and it's two-fold.


I heard, many years ago in good old year 2000, that when Orange (the mobile phone company) first set up they wanted to call themselves something that could evolve. Something that didn't tie them to just being a mobile network provider so they could branch out into other things without renaming themselves, without rebranding. I thought that was very clever. And filed the information (if it's even true, I may have dreamt it up!) at the back of my brain.


Fast forward 8 years and you will find me vomiting violently 12 times a day, eating nothing but watermelon and plain noodles and thinking that pregnancy really wasn't all that fun but hey, I was growing a tiny new human and no-pain-no-gain right? Whilst hunting the Internet for remedies to my extreme morning sickness (morning?! Ha!) I found a ranty blog post by someone who was also suffering through their pregnancy. As I read the blog post I became a bit cross because she referred to women who were 'glowing' in their pregnancies as "self-satisfied earth mothers" who were "smugly secretly smiling to themselves for bringing life into the world". I mean, I definitely was not glowing, I had lost quite a bit of weight because I couldn't keep food down, I looked horrendous because vomiting 12 times a day is actually exhausting and I basically looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards because it doesn't matter if your brush your hair and put makeup on, vomiting just makes you look like you like an electrocuted panda. Well, it does me anyway. HOWEVER I was super proud of having a baby in my tummy and I was feeling good about making it through each day without hurling on my boss (oh my gosh, the smell of coffee made me so, so poorly) and I objected to being referred to as a 'self-satisfied earth mother'.


Officially hideous snap of my baby bump 2 days before my baby boy was born, Lisa at Secret Smile Photography, I wish I'd had some beautiful portraits done professionally!

As an aside - I wish maternity photography had been a popular thing back then, this is the ONLY

image I have of me pregnant!!

After I'd had my son and decided that I didn't want to leave him to go back to work and I decided to turn my hobby into a new job I found myself needing to set up a business which meant it needed a name. I didn't want to use my name because I am forever having to spell my name {F-U-R-N-I-S-H like furnishing a house} to everyone and I don't think I have one of those names that just rolls nicely off the tongue. I thought back to that blog post and thought about the secret smiling. The lady that wrote that blog post was right, in a way, I did secretly smile to myself when I felt my baby kicking me or when he moved around and I could see my tummy moving with his foot poking right out. I did secretly smile to myself when I was drinking milk from a special mug in the shape of a pregnant lady (true dat!) to try and alleviate the awful heartburn. And I did secretly smile to myself when I sat and listened to his heartbeat on my home doppler thingy. It is every pregnant lady's right to sit and secretly smile that she is bringing new life into the world.


Feeling of so poorly with morning sickness drinking from my milk mug to ease the heartburn, Lisa at Secret Smile Photography in Leeds

And Secret Smile Photography was born! Out of a derogatory remark came a lovely name for my business and I really think it lends itself beautifully to what I do creating beautiful portraits of newborn babies for their families to treasure forever, passing on that secret smile to my wonderful families.


I mean, who wouldn't smile looking at these little loves?
Love Lisa x

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