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A study has shown that pregnant women function at the edge of human endurance

Scientists have conducted a study into the boundaries of human endurance and found that elite athletes and pregnant women are unmatched. Of course, we know this already, it takes a special effort to be able to function like a normal human being keeping up with the house, raising kids and working all whilst growing a tiny human but now it's official!


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Participants in the study competed in 'Herculean' events such as the Tour de France and other elite events. In studies by The Duke Universtiy they found that pregnant women were living almost at the limit of what the human body can cope with in terms of testing the resting metablioc rate of elite athletes and pregnant women. The average resting metabolic rate of pregnant women was very similar to that of a 95 day Antartic trekker.


pregnant women at edge of human endurance maternity photography at leeds studio


So there you have it - it's official,  pregnant women are akin to elite athletes - just in case, you know, you needed it in writing from a scientific study!


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