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newborn photography colour schemes and palettes at Secret Smile Photography in Leeds - header image

What would YOUR colour scheme be for your newborn photo shoot?

Your newborn photography session is a celebration of YOU and your new little arrival. A new baby is such a monumental moment in your family’s life and you want to capture everything you possibly can about them whilst they are still tiny. You want to be able to look back on this time and marvel at how tiny your new baby was and how they scrunched their little legs up and where they held their hands whilst they slept.


All these things can be captured on your phone at home and can be shared with family members over WhatsApp and Facebook but to really capture your newborn in beautiful poses and sets to display in your home you need a specialist newborn photographer.


My name is Lisa and I am a specialist newborn photographer. I have been trained in the art of safe and creative newborn photography. I have been trained how to gently pose your baby using safe techniques and Photoshop to ensure that your memories will last a lifetime and the experience will be something you never forget for all the right reasons!


The styling of the session is most often left entirely to me. I always ask if families have a particular colour that they would like me to use or a theme such as florals or stars, maybe their own sentimental items to use (that’s for another blog post in the pipeline).


blue colours used for newborn baby boys at Secret Smile Photography, specialist professional studio fore newborn baby pictures in Leeds


Most often families will choose a colour that they love, sometimes it’s pink or blue synonymous with baby boys and girls.


newborn baby photography using pink for girls in props an accessories at Secret Smile Photography in Leeds


Sometimes there’s a colour scheme at home that families would love their newborn portraits to fit in with. Most often these colours tend to be quite neutral like browns, creams and greys or even black and white conversions of your favourite portraits.


neutral colour set ups in newborn photographs at Secret Smile Photography, specialist newborn professional studio in leeds

neutral greys for boys and girls at professional photo studio near me in morley leeds, west yorkshire


Maybe you LOVE green?


newborn boys and newborn girls using green at their professional newborn photography shoot in Leeds

Or maybe you have a soft spot for yellow in your home, the colour of sunshine.


yellow the colour of sunshine for baby girls at the best newborn photographer in Leeds

Some families love bright colours and want those reflected in their newborn memories to look back on for years to come.


bright colours for baby boys and baby girls at family baby and newborn photographer in West Yorkshire

It may be the case that you just love all the colours. That’s no problem, there are so many props, accessories and backdrops at the studio that we can use as many colours as you would like.


We can even mix colours together, maybe you love the combination of grey and brown or yellow and purple together make you think of springtime. Ultra Violet which is a blue-based purple, is Pantone’s colour of the year 2018. To see the exact colour and variations of it used at Secret Smile Photography hop over to the blog post here.


mixed colours bright colours and pastel colours used in newborn photo shoots at Secret Smile Photography


If I am left to choose a colour scheme I will always follow the seasons. In spring and summer I choose lighter colours and mix colours up using a spring palette mostly pastel colours and light colours like white, cream and pale grey. As the year progresses I turn to more earthy colours in the autumn and darker sets in the winter with just the right about of colour to them. I even use autumnal and Christmas or winter themed props.


seasonal props and accessories in use at the Secret Smile Photography studio in leeds, west yorkshire, the best newborn photo studio near me

If you are really not sure we will always start with neutral colours and then add splashes of colour as we go. You can look at the vast array of props, coloured wraps, headbands, hats, accessories, buckets and bowls at the studio whilst you are relaxing with a cuppa. You can choose what you would like for your newborn photography shoot for your newborn. Maybe you could request something just a little bit different so nobody else has a portrait of their baby that is like yours. A unique work of art just for you and your new bundle.


unique artwork newborn portait by creative newborn photographer Lisa at Secret Smile Photography

Challenge me to create something just for YOU to celebrate this amazing milestone in your life. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own sentimental items to use in the shoot (just please give me a heads up before you come so I can prepare some amazing and unique ideas for you), you are also welcome to include older siblings in the shoot. I will blog about these in due course so you can see examples of what I, Lisa, at Secret Smile Photography can do for you.


If you have any questions or would like more information about booking your own newborn photography shoot at Secret Smile Photography, the specialist newborn photography studio in Leeds in West Yorkshire, use the Contact Lisa form on the website or text ‘newborn’ and your due date to 07760 887946 for more information.


I would love to hear from you.


Love, Lisa x








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