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What *IS* a newborn photography session?

When I had my son almost 8 years ago newborn photography wasn't really a big thing in the UK. There were perhaps 2 or 3 photographers in the whole of the UK who specialised in newborn photography, the art was still very much an American market so I didn't have a newborn photography shoot for my son. Many of the parents who come along to my studio in Morley, Leeds for their newborn photography session don’t know what to expect, they have booked either through a recommendation from a friend or because they have seen my work on my website or on my Facebook page.


Quite simply, your newborn photography session is a way of capturing your new baby exactly as they are now, memories frozen in time to treasure forever. You will hear people say when you’re expecting your new bundle that your newborn will change so quickly and you’ll probably smile because you’ve heard it a hundred times but it is so very, very true.


specialist newborn photography in leeds, newborn photo, baby photography, morley studio


Newborn photography sessions are best done within the first 14 days of your new baby arriving because babies under 14 days old still sleep for long periods, sleep deeply and are still very curled up from being in the womb so are easier to pose in the beautiful sleepy, curled up poses we all associate with newborn photography.


The purpose of your newborn photography session is to capture the details of your new arrival to look back on in years to come. When I book a newborn photography session in I like to get an idea of the type of image you love, what colours or feel you prefer and base your session around these preferences. Some parents like to leave the styling up to me in which case I tend to choose colours based on the current season, parents are encouraged to look through the backdrop colours and props on display as well as samples of my work in the studio to help guide your choices.


specialist newborn photography in leeds, newborn photo, baby photography, morley studio


As your newborn photographer I will talk you through a rough plan of the session, what type of images we will start with and what I hope to move on to depending on how your newborn is responding to the posing. Your newborn photography session will flow at the pace that suits your baby and will be adapted to best suit the images you have your heart set on and to best suit how your baby responds to certain poses.


Your newborn will be posed gently and safely at all times. If your new baby is not comfortable in a certain pose then I will move on to a pose that they are comfortable in. Your baby will never be left unattended in a prop and you may be asked to lend a helping hand to keep a prop steady or to hold a gentle hand on your baby whilst I photograph them. Post-processing often plays an important part in creating your images, no stunning memory of your child posed in a prop is worth putting your newborn in danger for. Newborn safety is paramount at Secret Smile Photography.


specialist newborn photography in leeds, newborn photo, baby photography, morley studio competition win

Once your newborn photography session is complete I will have captured a beautiful gallery of images of your new baby using colours, props and poses that you have helped to choose in order to create a timeless and stunning visual memory of your newborn whilst they were still tiny, sleepy and curled up.


A wide variety of images taken in a number of different poses using as many or as few props and accessories as you like will showcase your beautiful new baby to record how tiny they are in those first few weeks. Close-ups of their tiny toes and button nose, memories of their soft fluffy hair, how tiny their hands are and how adorable their little lips are.


specialist newborn photography in leeds, newborn photo, baby photography, morley studio competition win


Quite simply, your newborn photography session is a relaxed, calm few hours with an experienced specialist newborn photographer whose sole aim is to capture perfect, timeless memories of your newborn to treasure forever.


Newborn photography sessions can take up to 3 hours at my studio in Morley, Leeds, with plenty of time for feeding, settling and a cuppa whilst I gently and safely pose your newborn to create your beautiful memories. Your newborn photography session costs £75 and a complimentary 7"x5" print will be added to your order. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about product prices and booking your newborn photography session please ring me, Lisa, on 07760 887946, email me or use the Contact Me form at the top of this page to send me a message.

Love, Lisa x



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