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What if my baby doesn't sleep for their newborn photography session at Secret Smile Photography?

This is a common fear for new parents when they're thinking about having a newborn photography shoot. Pretty much every parent who comes to the Secret Smile Photography studio thinks that their baby is going to the be the one baby that doesn't sleep for the session. It's a very real possibility but I can honestly say that no baby who ever comes through the door at my studio will EVER be as adverse to sleep as my son was. Ever.



baby not sleepy at newborn photography shoot in Leeds specialist newborn studio


I have been photographing newborn babies for almost 10 years now and I have never had to reschedule a newborn photography session. I realise that I may now have jinxed myself BUT if the situation arose and a baby was just not feeling it on the day, I would rescheduled not a problem. No extra cost and no fuss we can schedule a different day in for the session. Newborn babies have bad days just like we do, they may have had a sleepless night and be overtired, they may have tummy ache, they may not have been for a poo for a couple of days (imagine how cranky that would make you!) and they might just be that way out on that particular day. It happens. It has happened only once in my almost 10 years of photographing newborns and I would have rescheduled but the family were moving to Hampshire the following day so rescheduling wasn't an option. In the end baby fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion and we got an entire gallery of beautiful sleepy portraits in a little over an hour. Everyone was happy.


awake newborn at newborn photography shoot in Leeds specialist studio

As an experienced newborn photographer and as an experienced mother of a child who REFUSED to sleep without a fight (still does and he's 10 in November!) I know plenty of little tricks to help encourage your baby to fall asleep naturally and I can read babies sleep patterns to get the most of their snoozing in terms of poses and props. I will also ask you to do a couple of simple little things for me before you come to the studio regarding sleeping and feeding of your little one on the day, if they're not possible don't worry but if you can do them they can result in many more sleepy images of your baby.


awake newborn at newborn photography shoot in Leeds specialist studio


eye contact beautiful awake portrait of newborn baby boy in prop at leading newborn photography studio Leeds


Your baby will likely be awake for part of the session and that's not a bad thing - not at all! Look at all these beautiful portraits of wide awake baby boys and wide awake baby girls, showing no signs of being sleepy with their big open eyes and amazing eye contact. Sometimes they smile, they follow the sound of my voice when I talk to them (I talk to 'my babies' all the time during the session), they look quizzically at the camera because it's dark and in great contrast to the white studio and the resulting images are just amazing.


newborn swaddled awake and wide awake newborn with older sisters at specialist Leeds newborn photography studio

newborn awake at newborn photography shoot, beautiful eyes open portraits at Secret Smile Photography, Morley


And as beautiful as the sleepy portraits of your baby will be, you will always have your heart melted by the one where he is looking at the camera, imagine your baby's wide awake portrait on a large piece of wall art in your home for you to look at forever more!


not sleepy babies at Secret Smile Photography with specialist newborn photographer in Leeds, Lisa

So when you are thinking about booking your newborn photography session or if you have booked already and you are getting ready to come along to the studio and you're starting to feel a bit flustered please don't. Your baby will be your baby, they will likely feed more than once during the session, they may fuss, they may cry, they will definitely pee and poop on everything in sight (me included) and they will most probably be awake for part of the session but remember that you are booking an experience with an experienced specialist newborn photographer and that experience counts for everything to ensure that your newborn photo shoot not only goes smoothly but that you get the resulting portraits that you desire from it. And you are relying on your experienced newborn photographer to know when to reschedule to ensure that you still get the end result and a stress-free experience.


smiley awake newborn baby in bonnet, newborn twins awake in prop at specialist newborn studio in Leeds

P.S. sometimes it goes like this and that's fine too...


wide awake newborn at West Yorkshire studio funny photo comedy baby meme

...because I almost ALWAYS get the shot you wanted for you to treasure forever:


wide awake newborn at West Yorkshire studio sleepy baby posed Huck Finn style


If you have any questions or would like to book your newborn photography shoot please email or call Lisa on 07760 887946 or use the Contact Lisa form at the top of the website. I look forward to capturing your perfect memories of your newborn baby soon.

Love, Lisa xx





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