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EU Referendum UK Brexit thoughts by Lisa at Secret Smile Photography Leeds specialist newborn photographer
EU Referendum 23rd June 2016

Today is a GREAT day to be a part of GREAT BRITAIN. And not necessarily because the majority of the UK voted to leave European Union.


I have a hard time understanding politics, I struggle to understand what politicians are saying and how their policies apply to little old me in the grand scheme of what is best for the country. I do make an effort to try and fathom what is going on but I am easily distracted (usually by editing the images I've taken of the gorgeous babies at my studio!) and I can't always see past the 'spin'. I intensely dislike confrontation so 'debates' are something I find uncomfortable to watch or listen to. I use the Internet to try and research and make my decisions based on what I read which is my preferred format of learning about anything.


That all said, it doesn't matter whether I voted in or out. It doesn't matter what my partner, Mum, neighbour or local takeaway delivery driver voted either. The majority of the UK voted to leave the European Union. They made their decision in whatever way they felt best, maybe they were better placed to mould the spin into something that made sense to them, maybe they didn't. I don't like change, it makes me worry. I am good with what I know and stepping out of my comfort zone with pretty much anything is a scary thing for me to do. Like writing a blog post loosely based on politics.


But I am writing this blog post and I am writing it honestly. I voted to remain IN the European Union. I voted that way because I couldn't see a valid argument for voting to leave. Every claim one side made the other side of the debate would make a counter claim and vice versa. I found it all very confusing. I also felt that I 'should' use my vote. Several people have asked me how I intended to vote, when I replied that I wasn't sure they look scandalised that a) I didn't have a strong opinion and b) that they thought I might not even use my vote. My Mum even texted me to tell me to get my butt to the polling station as people died to give me the right to vote and it affected my child's future. Crikey, that was a bit heavy for a Wednesday tea time. But she's right in many ways. I just don't know in what way it will affect his future.

The people of the United Kingdom, of Great Britain, of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted and the majority voted to leave the European Union. Job done. I am not angry or upset, we are a democracy and that is what the majority of people have decided. Even though I voted to stay in, I was in the minority.


Today is a GREAT day to be part of GREAT BRITAIN however you voted because we spoke as a nation. I am a bit worried about change, I am a bit worried how the exit will affect my mortgage, my small business, my son's future but people who voted out of the EU must have been worried about the same things (and more, I'm sure!) if we stayed in. My opinion is no more valid than theirs and vice versa.


I have been so sad today to see on social media platforms such awful, angry comments from both sides of the campaign. To me it looks as though the EU Referendum has divided a nation. It's amazing that people are so passionate about our Great Britain that they want to share their views but there are so many people arguing amongst themselves, name-calling, USING CAPITAL LETTERS (haha), gloating and generally being awful to anyone who voted the 'wrong way' according to what they believe. I understand that some people and some businesses are going to be adversely affected by the decision, I understand that the world's markets are going a bit nuts based on the result and I understand that people are worried about what is to come but we are still the same people we were yesterday. We are still friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. The decision has been made by a fair democratic vote of the people and we will see what happens from here. We are British and we are strong, proud people who will tackle whatever is coming our way and make the best of it. It would be a whole lot nicer if we all supported each other and moved forward together as a nation who have spoken out together.


So however you voted and however the person next to you voted please remember today is still a GREAT day to be a part of GREAT BRITAIN.


As a light-hearted ending to my ramblings I will share a conversation that happened in my house this morning over breakfast with my 7 year old son:

Jacob: "So now we have to leave Europe?"
Me: "The majority have voted that we leave the European Union, yes"
Jacob: "But I don't want to move to Brazil!!"
Me: "Jacob, we don't have to physically leave Europe, don't worry"
Jacob: "Ok. Can I have an ice pop please? A cola one?"

The joy of innocence in children.


Be British, be proud, but please be nice to one another in the process.


Love Lisa x

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