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newborn baby girl posed asleep on yellow wearing a headband at Leeds baby photo studio Secret Smile Photography
 Your newborn photography session at Secret Smile Photography

Having a baby is the most amazing time in your life and they change so fast so what better way to capture how tiny and curled up they are than with a newborn photography shoot?


Newborn baby sleeping on posing beanbag at Secret Smile Photography studio in black and white


The best age to photograph newborns is between 4 and 10 days old but I will photograph babies up to 28 days as newborns. A newborn photography session can take 2-3 hours, it sounds a long time but the session is entirely led by baby so I only book one session in a day. If you aim to arrive for 10am that gives us plenty of time to start with a chat and a cup of tea whilst baby is feeding. Once we start the session it is entirely baby-led so if your baby wants feeding, changing, cuddling then there is plenty of time and nobody is feeling rushed.


Newborn baby girl sleeping, swaddled and posed in an autumn set with leaves and toadstools at Leeds newborn photography studio


You can sit back in comfortable surroundings with complimentary tea and coffee whilst I gently pose your newborn and photograph them. The whole experience is calm, friendly and I will work my hardest to get the poses you love using the props you would like. This is not always possible, sometimes baby is really unsettled and uncomfortable, sometimes babies just really don't like some positions and sometimes they are too big for certain props but your session will be handled to accomodate all of this and alternatives will always be used.


Newborn twin girls hugging together with a teddy bear on a pink background at specialist newborn photography studio in Leeds


Why is pre-booking recommended?

If you pre-book your newborn photography session then I can base the booking on your due date. I only take on a certain number of newborns a month to ensure that I have enough time in the diary to move sessions around based on babies arriving early or late. By pre-booking you guarantee that your session takes precedent over ad-hoc bookings and if you let me know as soon as you have had your baby (even if you are still in hospital) we stand a better chance of getting your session booked in whilst baby is under 10 days old.


Why is it best to photograph babies between 4 and 10 days old?

Babies under 4 days are not always very settled as they are still so new and need lots of close comfort from parents. With breastfed babies Mum's milk usually comes in around day 3 or 4 and babies need a nice full tummy to be their most settled. After 10 days and babies start to stretch out more and throw their hands out when they're startled. They start to become a little less sleepy and so they are more difficult to pose. Between 4 and 10 days old babies are still curled up and easy to pose and they tend to feed well and get into a deep sleep that we can use to our advantage to pose and photograph your baby in those sleepy curled up positions.


Newborn baby boy asleep in wheelbarrow wearing flat cap surrounded by plant pots and gardening tools at baby photo studio Secret Smile Photography


What age do you photograph up to as newborn?

Up to 28 days I will do a newborn session. After 14 days you need to be aware that your baby may be more awake for parts of the session than they would if they were under the 14 days but there are a great variety of awake shots we can include in your gallery.


Can you fit my baby in last minute even if they're already 2 weeks old?

Sometimes, yes I can fit in last minute bookings as long as your baby will be under 28 days at the time of the session. Remember though that I only book 1 newborn session a day so to fit in a last minute booking I need a completely free day in my diary to book your session and it is not always possible. This is why pre-booking your session GUARANTEES your session can be fitted into the diary. If your baby has already arrived you can book your newborn photography shoot directly using the online booking tool.


Newborn baby boy asleep on a cloud in a night sky with the moon and stars, creative baby photo


How do I book?

Simply email me on or phone me on 07760 887946 with your due date and I can book you in. Alternatively text "NEWBORN" to 07760 887946 for a call back and more information. You can also use the online Contact Lisa form on the website. The £65 session booking fee is due on booking to get your due date logged in the diary. Your session also includes use of the Secret Smile Photography studio facilities including complimentary tea and coffee, a wide range of backdrops and props.


If you have a new bundle of joy - congratulations, please do give me a ring in case I have a free day or a postponement to be able to fit you newborn photography session in. If you are due to have your baby - congratulations, please give me a ring to pre-book your session as soon as possible!

Warmest wishes

Lisa x

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