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National Love Your Pet Day 2020

Today is National Love Your Pet Day in the UK. I mean, every day should be national love your pet day to be fair, they are not simply pets - they are part of our families. My son's dog , Elsa, is so very loved and probably quite spoiled too, she genuinely is a big part of our family and our day routine. It is also Elsa's birthday the day before so we did a doggy cake smash photoshoot to commemorate the occasion. We started with the some family portraits...


pet photographer leeds national love your pet day jack russell pug cross doggy cake smash leeds yorkshire


Note that my son wore the only pair of socks he owns that aren't grey - they're a lurid bright orange with some sort of cartoon character on them - to the photoshoot. Typical photographer's child. Typical photographer, I photoshopped the colour out of them. Ugh.


jack russell pug cross doggy cake smash dog birthday pet photography pet photographer leeds yorkshire messy fun furbaby


We were going to have a 'Frozen' themed doggy cake smash as Elsa is named after the character from the Disney movie but we decided that at the grand age of 42 in dog years it was maybe time to have a bit of a more grown up and minimalistic theme to celebrate Elsa's 6th birthday. We did, of course, dress her in a very silly party hat and bandana from Pets at Home. She has a chunky neck so I added some ribbon to the bandana so it fitted round her comfortably. And the flame on the candle is Photoshopped. Just in case anyone thought I was setting fire to our pet pooch's whiskers. And we removed the candle quite quickly so she didn't eat it.


dog bandana pet birthday dog safe cake dogg cake smash pet photographer leeds pet photography furbaby jack russell pug cross cute dog near me


We made a dog friendly cake using this recipe which is low in sugar and iced using banana baby food and cream cheese. I baked it in a small loaf tin and cut 2 circles using a ramekin as a template to make a smaller cake and put some sugar sprinkles on the top for some colour. As you can tell, Elsa absolutely loved it and tried to eat the entire thing although I did take the other half off her because I didn't fancy being up all night letting her out for the loo.


dog bath bubbles doggy cake smash furbaby messy play dog photographer leeds dog photography near me yorkshire


You can see how utterly thrilled Elsa was about being in the bathtub. Even though there wasn't any water in it. Funny dog.


After the photoshoot she opened her presents (a squeaky banana toy, a fluffy duck toy,a new knotted pig toy, a bag of training treats for walks, a new blanket for her basket and a cow's trachea stuffed with venison - gross but true) and we all went on a nice long muddy walk to a local park all through the woods and in the water which she loved although it did mean that her day ended with a bath which she hates but by the end of her birthday she has walked, fed, photographed, loved and clean. Happy 6th birthday Elsa Pie, and happy National Love Your Pet Day.


Remember, if you want to book your beloved pet dog in for a doggy cake smash you can book online here. You can choose a colour scheme, the cake is dog friendly and you can have fantastic memories of your dog's birthday as well as some portraits of you all together as a family for just £99 including 5 digital images to download and print for yourselves.


If you have any questions you call me, Lisa, on 07760 887946, email or use the Contact Lisa form on the website to get in touch.


Love Lisa x

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