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My Life Story - recording your child's memories and milestones by Secret Smile Photography, Leeds baby photographer
 My Life Story - Your First Year

The next installment in My Life Story.


I found out quite late that I was expecting my son, I had no real signs except that I was extraordinarily tired but I thought I was just doing too much at work with travelling to the European offices, late finishes on conference calls to the US and general hard work because I was, at the time, a Marketing Executive for the second largest law firm in the world. I just like to say that to remind me of my 'old life'!


When I found out I was expecting it was such a massive shock. Something I hadn't planned for at all. My way of dealing with the situation was to start recording everything so I could get used to the idea of having a little person around. So I bought My Life Story, the 100 year diary and started recording, I even backdated it so that the first year was included before his birth.


A trip to Dublin, all the scans I could get my hands on (including a 3D scan!), my amazing son being born and our first Christmas together all featured. And it took me only an hour every 3 months to record this first year.


My Life Story - recording your child's memories and milestones by Secret Smile Photography, Leeds baby photographer


There is a 'highlights of the year' section at the end of each year and this first year, 2008 features a family photograph (taken by Mum - there's always a Mum missing!). This family photograph contains Me, Jacob, Jacob's Daddy, my brother, my sister-in-law, my nephew as well as my Grandad and his partner. Jacob's first Christmas at only 7 weeks old was to be the last Christmas we spent with Grandad. Grandad passed away in the summer of 2010 and although I have 1 more photograph of Jacob with his Great Grandad Pete this one is special. This one is part of My Life Story and through this photograph Jacob knows of his Great Grandad. How very special that memory is. For all of us.


My Life Story - recording your child's memories and milestones by Secret Smile Photography, Leeds baby photographer


My Grandad would love this project. He would love looking back at the things we deemed important at the time but time would forget if I hadn't recorded it. Imagine how powerful this will be when Jacob has grown up and maybe has children of his own. To be able to look back on his life through my eyes.


I challenge you to record your special memories. Any way you can. Buy a 100 year diary and start recording. It's never too late!


If you don't want to fill out a diary I saw an idea the other day that I love - set up an email account for your child or grandchild. Start sending images you take on your phone, little emails with messages in, notes of the funny things they say. Then when they turn 18 (or get married, whatever milestone you deem worthy) give them the password. How wonderful is that idea?! It's FREE, it's amazing and it's memories you will have effortlesly captured for someone you love.


Do it today. It is never too late!


To join in with the My Life Story revolution please pop over to the closed Facebook group to share your stories, photographs, triumphs and moments of frustration that come with parenthood. Just click on My Life Story and add a request to join the group.


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Until next time

Lisa x









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