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 My Life Story - Sylvie part 4

Sylvie's My Life Story is an ongoing personal project to document a year in the life of a baby and this month I wanted to document the relationship between Sylvie and her grandparents. Sylvie Jean came to the studio with her Grandmothers and the relationship between the three of them is beautiful to see.


I think the Grandparent relationship is so very important for children. Grandparents have a perspective on life that parents can't teach, they have a patience that parents sometimes don't have and I remember learning so very much from my Grandparents even as an adult. I learnt to knit and be creative from my Nanny and from my Grandad I learnt about birds, plants, weather, how to be true to yourself and the word 'crepuscular'. Look it up, you may need the meaning of this word for a far-distant pub quiz!


Here are some of the images from this month's My Life Story of Sylvie with the very glamorous GrandLadies!


My Life Story - recording your child's memories and milestones by Secret Smile Photography, Leeds baby photographer


The GrandLadies rocked the mini shoot and I am so happy to have been able to witness this wonderful relationship and document it for Sylvie's My Life Story.


My Life Story - recording your child's memories and milestones by Secret Smile Photography, Leeds baby photographer


I am loving being a part of Sylvie's family's journey through her first year and I although I knew that she would change quickly the difference I see in her every month is actually astounding. She is such a beautiful expressionate baby (she frowns at me a lot haha) and I really enjoy seeing her and her mum Vicki each month. The whole purpose of this personal project was to show you all how quickly a baby changes over the course of a year, Sylvie and her family are just perfect for my little project because as a family they really value photography, they value the memories that photography enables.


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If you have any questions, would like to know how to start your My Life Story or just for a chat, please phone me, Lisa, on 07760 887946 or email


Until next time x






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