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Halloween drop-in session at Secret Smile Photography premier photography studio in leeds West Yorkshire baby friendly event near me October header
Halloween drop-in day  Thursday 31st October 2019

This will be the fourth year of running the Halloween drop-in event at Secret Smile HQ and it always causes some excitement because it's my favourite time of year and these drop-in events are fabulous fun and they involve cake, of course!


The studio will be open - no appointment necessary - from 10am until 2pm for you to just drop in with your little ones dressed in their Halloween costumes for a quick photograph in a Halloween themed set. This year the set will involve a fantastic Halloween-themed balloon garland as they look so effective on photographs and reflect their popularity this year.

The sequence of events is laid out below step-by-step so you can see how the day runs...


Step-by-step Halloween drop-in:

  1. Arrive at Secret Smile Photography studio at 11 Ackroyd Street, Morley, LS27 8QX between 10am and 2pm with your little one dressed in their Halloween costume
  2. Take your numbered form from my little helper and complete the details so we know who is next in the 'queue'
  3. Pick a spot to dump your stuff, chat to other parents who may be waiting and help yourself to some spooky treats and a cold drink
  4. When your name is called bring your little one over to the set to have their picture taken
  5. Choose your favourite expression from the back of the camera and wait whilst your 6"x4" print is being prepared
  6. Pay your £10 for the print, stay a while to enjoy some more spooky treats and chat with other families

It's always a wonderful day at the Halloween drop-in and I do need your help for it to run as smoothly as possible. So please do bring your little one already in their outfit. Please bear in mind that the drop-in is first-come-first-served and there can be a wait of up to 30 minutes at peak times. If your little one is not proving willing to have their photo taken, every effort will be made to raise a smile but this cannot be guaranteed and because of the drrop-in nature of the event you may be asked to allow the next person to be photographed and we come back to you once your little one has had some time to take in their surroundings.


Cold refreshments will be provided (not hot beverages will be supplied for safety reasons), there is also a changing table available for changing babies and a toilet out the back for older children and adults. You are encouraged to bring drinks and snacks for young children in case the refreshments available are not suitable and the wait is a little longer than anticipated.


The set has been designed and is currently in production, once it has been finalised then photos will be made available on this post a well as on socila media, please check out Secret Smile Photography on Instagram, on Facebook and add yourself to the Halloween drop-in event on Facebook to give me an idea of numbers to cater for.


If you have any questions please feel free to check out the Frequently Asked Questions below or drop me a line or ask in the event itself. I hope to see lots of you there!


Love, Lisa x


Q: How many children can be photographed on the set at once?
A: Up to 3 children, the set is quite small


Q: I have older children and it's half term, can they be photographed in the Halloween set?
A: This event is aimed at children under 4, if you have older siblings that you would like to be photographed with the younger child then it is fine to include them


Q: How much does it cost?
A: The photoshoot doesn't cost anything, the prints are £10 each and 6"x4" in size. Additional copies can also be purchased at the time for £10 each


Q: If my child suddenly becomes shy and won't be photographed will it still cost me anything?
A: No but you will be asked to allow the next person in the queue to use the set whilst your child takes a little longer to acclimatise to their surroundings to keep the event flowing. You are only charged for the prints you purchase.


Q: Do you provide outfits?
A: No, you will need to bring your children dressed in their own costumes to be photographed. Alternatively bring your baby in a plain white vest as I do have a knitted pumpkin hat you can use which fits roughly 6 months to 2 years old.


Q: Can I keep the digital copy of the image?
A: No, the image file is reduced in size and quality for the printer to be able to print it so it is not suitable for printing any larger than 6"x4" and you can purchase additional copies of the image at the event. A web-resolution copy of the image with my watermark on will be uploaded to my public Facebook page immediately after the event so you can tag, share and use it on your profile if you would like to. If you do not wish your child's picture to be shared on social media, please mark on your sheet containing our details when you arrive.


Q: Are hot drinks provided?
A: No, it would be a health and safety hazard with so many people in the space at once so only cold drinks are provided along with cake and other spooky treats. As well as a big bowl of satsumas, these were [by far] the most popular snack last year!!


Q: Can I pay by card?
A: This is a cash-only event as card payments delay the photographer and prevent the event from running smoothly

Terms and conditions: No responsibility shall be held by Secret Smile Photographer regarding the loss or damage of property at this event, all belongings are brought entirely at the owner's risk. The food supplied is not allergen-free, if you or your children have specific dietary requirements you are encouraged to bring your own food with you and stay away from the food that is available to prevent allergic reaction. The refreshments provided will be available freely, fair usage of this expected and please deposit all waste in the bins provided and not littered outside the studio. All sales are final, refunds are not available. Payment is required at the time of you receiving your print, payment assumes you are happy with the print.

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