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twins double trouble twin newborn photoshoot in Leeds header image

Twins - twice the fun!

What's better than snuggling with newborns? Getting to snuggle MULTIPLE newborns at the same time.


newborn twin boys at Secret Smile Photography studio with teddy bear for newborn portraits


It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins.


older baby twins boy and girl non-identical twins fraternal twins at specialist Leeds studio


Twins share a special bond and photographing them together is something truly special that should be captured to show that loving bond between them.


twin newborn girls and twin newborn boys identical twins at sepcialist newborn photography studio in west yorkshire


newborn twin siblings twin photography multiples photography at Leeds studio in Morley West Yorkshire


Photographing twins together is wonderful, especially with siblings


newborn twin boys with older sibling at specialist newborn studio in Leeds

older siblings with twins family shoot with toddlers at Leeds photography studio


1st birthday cake smash sessions are just as much fun with your twin brother or sister too!


1st birthday cake smash twins pink and gold butterflies for twin birthday cake session at Secret Smile Photography in Leeds


As amazing as it is to celebrate the bond between twins it's also important to remember that they are individuals in their own right. I always photograph the twins separately as well as together. They have an identity of their own as well as the identity of being a twin and this is important to document.


fraternal twins dressed as bunnies for their newborn photography shoot, separate twin photographs at newborn studio in Leeds

individual portraits of twins at Leeds photography studio baby photographer in West Yorkshire

If you have or are expecting twins, triplets or even quadruplets then come along to a specialist newborn photographer in Leeds who has plenty of experience in safely posing newborn multiples as well as working with older ones too!


If you have any questions or would like to book please email, call, text or WhatsApp Lisa on 07760 887946 or use the Contact Lisa form on the website.


Love Lisa x

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