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Coronavirus and how to keep us all safe at the Secret Smile Photography studio leeds premier baby photographer near me header
Hygiene and safety at the studio

Hygiene has always played a massive part in running the studio, it quite simply has to when you work with the public, especially when many of those that come to the studio are children, toddlers and babies.


Hand washing with anti-bacterial soaps and having clean towels available in the toilet has always been important. Having hand gel available at the baby changing station and available for me to use during the session has always been the case. I keep my hair tied up to avoid touching my face and I keep my nails short and clean for hygiene and safety. Wiping surfaces down after every session with appropriate anti-bacterial cleaners has always been a natural process too.


However, during this Coronavirus pandemic additional measures are being taken to ensure that every level of protection possible is in use at the studio.


Some procedures have been changed or are now enforced including (but not limited to)


  • All visitors to the studio will be asked to remove their shoes and coats immediately upon arrival and asked to put them in the area by the door with the coat stand to keep outside wear in a single contained area

  • All visitors to the studio will be asked to wash their hands with anti-bacterials handwash for 20 seconds each upon arrival, in the event of an allergy to handwash you are required to bring your own anti-bacterial handwash and any moisturisers or medicated hand creams you may need with you

  • Door handles and the handles of any baby carriers or car seats will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes after visitors have arrived

  • I will be wearing a disposable mask and hypo-allergenic vinyl gloves for newborn photoshoots only. These are the photoshoots where it is unavoidable that I hold your baby and although the masks are not proven to ward off the Coronavirus I believe it adds an additional reassurance to parents with regards to me be in close contact with their new baby

  • Hot drinks will be served in compostable bamboo single-use cups instead of mugs. These will be bagged and taken home with me to pop in the compost bin in my garden so there is minimal impact to the environment. All water served will be in plastic bottles.

  • All surfaces will be wiped with appropriate anti-bacterial cleaners before AND after each session. This may impact on session times slightly as additional time will needed between sessions to wipe / clean everything TWICE rather than the usual once

  • No hugging or handshaking will take place on arrival or departure from the studio, I will also be refraining from the usual high-fives with the children, sorry

  • Visitors will be encourage to bring their own snacks, snacks will no longer be provided at the studio until the pandemic is over


Before each session visitors will be sent an email to confirm details of their appointment PLUS additional information on how to prepare for coming to the studio so that we can all stay safe. Rest assured that the studio and studio practices have always been and will always be exceptionally hygienic.


Until the government tells me otherwise I will keep the studio OPEN. I see no reason to close until told to do so by the authorities. I am keeping a close eye on new information coming from trusted sources such as:


It may be obvious but I feel the need to add, if you are showing any symptoms of possible Coronavirus please do not come to the studio. Self-isolate for 7 days as per the current government guidelines (as of 15/03/2020, this will be updated as necessary) and get in touch to rearrange your session.


Coronavirus Covid-19 symptoms infographic talk to your child about outbreak virus
If you are worried about hot to speak to your children, especially very young children about the current situation, I have written some basic guidelines for you over on the blog here.

If you have any questions about the studio, measures being taken or how to rearrange your photography shoot please get in touch by emailing, call or WhatsApp on 07760 887946 or use the Contact Lisa form on the website.


Stay safe and BE KIND


Love, Lisa xx








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