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Composites and editing for safety - Rydah

Safety is always of the utmost importance at Secret Smile HQ. Newborns are never left unattended in props, if I am unable to be the 'spotter' (the person with hands on or a few inches away from the baby at all times) then I always ask parents or grandparents to help me although this is rare as most of my images are taken within touching distance of baby.


Sometimes it isn't always apparent from a final image just how much care went into taking and editing the image especially with safety in mind so I thought I would show you a little before and after comparison from a recent newborn photography session here at Secret Smile Photography using baby Rydah as an example.


before and after, comparison, safety and composites for safe newborn posing at a newborn photography session at the studio in morley, Leeds, LS27 in west yorkshire


So you can see in the SOOC image (Straight Out Of Camera) that Rydah is in a weighted tub and has his arms resting on the side. The side has a rolled up blanket over it so it isn't digging into his delicate skin and his arms are comfortable without too much pressure on them. As Rydah was fast asleep and his legs are swaddled inside the tub there is no way of him kicking his way out of the tub but even so, I keep my hand on babies at all times as some newborns have incredibly strong legs and the startle reflex can take us (and them!) by surprise.


For the image where Rydah's head is upright, I am using one of my fingers to gently support the back of his head and prevent his head from laying to one side, newborn babies should never be left to support their own heads as something as simple as a hiccup or even a deep breath can cause their head to loll to one side and it could startle baby and upset them.


The magic happens during editing. You can see from the images in the comparison above that I have 'straightened' the image (I can't take a straight picture to save my life!), removed some scuffs and marks on the floor of the backdrop and also extended the sides of the backdrop.


I have removed my arm, hand and finger from the image, cropped it so that the 'right' amount of space is around the image and warmed the image up a little as I like warm, cosy images of newborns so this lends itself to my style. A few other little editing tweaks to really draw the attention to Rydah in the image and there we have it. A before and after comparison of an image straight out of the camera and the resultant edit available in the final gallery for parents to choose their favourites from for their chosen package.


There are several shots that can be taken with a baby in this upright position and variations are usually included in the final gallery such as these, all taken with safety in mind and all done by having my hand on Rydah's back and shoulders until I am ready to take the shot, moving my hand a few inches away from him to press the shutter and then putting my hand straight back onto his back and shoulders.


before and after, comparison, safety and composites for safe newborn posing at a newborn photography session at the studio in morley, Leeds, LS27 in west yorkshire


Newborn photography is a beautiful way of capturing your little bundle in those first few weeks after they are born and showcasing how tiny and sleepy they are, they will never be this tiny and curled up again. So much goes into every newborn session at Secret Smile Photography from the planning, to setting up, to the session itself, the editing and the ordering process. All the posing is done with safety in mind at all times, please make sure when choosing your photographer that they are working safely at all times and, of course, producing images that you love because you only get one shot at these memories before they are too old for poses like Rydah's above.


If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this blog post or would like to book your own newborn photography session please feel free to give me a shout on 07760 887946 or email


Love, Lisa x

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