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A day in the life...
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A day in the life of your newborn photographer, here goes...
6.00am Alarm goes off
6.15am Alarm goes off
6.30am Alarm goes off
6.35am Get up and get a cuppa, boot up the computer and read the news headlines on my phone. Check emails.
7.00am Get another cuppa and put the washing machine on
7.30am Wake up the boy
7.40am Wake up the boy
7.45am Threaten the boy with putting the dog on his bed unless he gets up now
7.55am Shower, get ready for work, hang washing out
8.20am Breakfast, walk the dog round the block
8.45am Get the boy to school, breath big sigh of relief as ears take a rest from the boy
9am Get to the studio to check setup for the day, make sure the biscuits are re-stocked, the kettle is boiled and everything is ready for today's baby arriving
9.45am Suddenly come up with a great new idea of a setup and dash around like a crazy woman gathering props, backdrops and accessories
10am Lovely family arrives with adorable new baby and the fun begins!
1pm -ish After 2-3 hours of rocking, shushing, snuggling, posing, playing hairdryer recordings as white noise, discussing all the finer aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth and everything else that comes with a new baby it's time to pack up!
1.30pm Tidy up all the props used in today's shoot (and I am SUCH a messy worker) and get out the props for tomorrow's shoot. Take the blankets, muslin squares and outfits used at the session to the launderette for cleaning, pop to the Post Office to post any orders and head home
2pm Back up all the images from the session onto the computer, external hard drive and the cloud. Load into Lightroom and start the culling process.
2.15pm Grab another cuppa and maybe a few biscuits, get today's images all ready for editing and brace for the boy coming home from school.
3.20pm The boy is home! Dog walking time, discussions about what happened at school, rabbitings on about Fortnite, discussions about the finer points of playing football (because I suck at it but the dog is amazing!), Fortnite, more Fortnite, asking about whether he can play Fortnite when he gets home, guess the Fortnite dance........
5pm Tea on, answer emails and finally choose which image from today will be the sneak peek! (the boy probably got some time on Fortnite)
6pm Tea done, washing up done, everyone fed, movie or game time with the boy
8pm Boy to bed, time to start work again! Editing, marketing, blogging, accounts, oh damn - it's getting late and today's lovely family are waiting for a sneak peek - sort the sneak peek and upload, more editing, marketing and blogging whilst binge-watching something random on Netflix or Amazon Prime (currently watching the whole of Supernatural, on season 6 at the moment)
midnight - ish My eyelids are sticking to my contact lenses, must be time for bed! All ready for tomorrow.
Sleep & repeat  
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