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10 top tips for working from home

Working from home can be a challenge, it's something I have done for years as when I'm not in the studio shooting I am at home editing, marketing and doing admin.


There are some things that I have learned over the years that help my 'working from home' run a little more smoothly and here they are, the top 10, hopefully they will help if you're on lockdown and trying to work from home.


top 10 tips for working from home number 10 ten invest in some slippers warm feet home working
Buy some slippers. Some really warm ones. Even in the best heated homes (unless you have amazing underfloor heating!) your feet will likely get cold especially when you get tired or your blood sugar levels drop.
top 10 tips for working from home number 9 nine get showered and dressed home working Get up at your usual time, get showered, have breakfast and get dressed. This will help you stick to a 'work day' schedule and bring some normality to your routine and get you in the right mindset for being productive.
top 10 tips for working from home number 8 eight have coffee and lunch breaks home working Have actual coffee / tea and lunch breaks. These breaks will help divide your day up and help you get some time away from your desk. Do something like move around, do some stretches, even go put the washing out, just as long as you have breaks.
top 10 tips for working from home number 7 seven use a hot water bottle save on heating home working I don't know about you but I can't justify having the heating on all day just because I'm working from home so to stay warm I use a hot water bottle or one of those wheat bags you can heat up in the microwave and pop it up my jumper to keep myself cosy. Glamourous it is not but it is practical!
top 10 tips for working from home number 6 six stock up on tea and coffee hot drinks home working Stock up on tea or coffee as you will drink more of it when working from home. Get adventurous and try different flavours, just to add a little excitement to your tea or coffee breaks
top 10 tips for working from home number 6 six use coffitivity for background noise home working Sometimes you need a little help to focus and I can promise you that Netflix is NOT the answer! There are loads of different playlists on services such as Spotify that you can use for generic background music which can help productivity but my personal favourite is a background noise website called Coffitivity which has the background sounds of coffee shops which really helps me to focus on my work. It's free, give them a try!
top 10 tips for working from home number 4 four get the pets cat dog involved in video calls smile fun home working Get the dog or cat involved in any video calls you have to make, people LOVE to see pets photo-bombing, even really stern bosses might break out in a grin. Doesn't work so well for phone calls if your dog is screaming at the postman out the window though. I speak from personal experience...
top 10 tips for working from home number 3 three make lists to keep yourself organised home working Make lists. Lots of lists. Lists of things to do, people to speak to, marketing to sort, lists of everything because lists help keep us on track. Use a notepad, sticky notes, an app on your phone, virtual sticky notes on your desktop and tick those things off as you do them! It will help your productivity, keep you on track and show you what you've achieved in a day.
top 10 tips for working from home number 2 two stay off social media facebook twitter instagram linkedin snapchat tiktok home working STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media is amazing, it helps us stay connected, it helps us to catch up on current affairs, news, chat with friends and loved ones. It is a wonderful tool BUT it also steals your productivity. You pop on to your phone to check something and the next thing you know, an hour has passed and aside from ordering from 3 different Insta-Shops and seeing what Carol next door has been doing with her azaleas it won't get your work done for you.
top 10 tips for working from home number 1 one get fresh air positive mental health home working This is the best one and it's to get some fresh air. Sounds silly and probably like it shouldn't be number 1 on the list but I think it's underrated. Fresh air boosts seratonin, it makes you feel happy, it refreshes you, it is excellent for your mental health. If you can, go for a walk in the fresh air on your lunch break, have your coffee break in the garden or even on the doorstep if you don't have a garden. Get away from your screen and breathe in some fresh air. Alternatively open a window, you will thank yourself especially if you invested in warm slippers and have a warm wheat bag up your jumper.

And here I give you a little bonus tip - for the love of all things sweet, please hide the biscuit tin! If you must have a biscuit with your cuppa, take 2 and put the rest of the tin away. You do NOT want to put the biscuit tin on your desk because you will look up and someone will have eaten all the biscuits. And it will have been you. And then you will need to join a gym.


Good luck working from home you wonderful lot!


Love, Lisa x

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