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I was once employed by a corporate law firm because of my smile. #fact

A degree in psychology was not quite the door-opener I had hoped it would be and fresh out of University I applied for a job on an IT Helpdesk. After a whole day of interviews, role-playing and team-building exercises I was told that I was not suitable for the role but I had an amazing smile and I was perfect for an entirely different role. I was taken on as an IT Trainer with no training or IT experience. I am told I did a fantastic job, I am told I am fabulous with people and I am told that I have a winning smile.

What is a smile?

According to Wikipedia it is a ‘facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of the mouth…The smile can also be found around the eyes…Among humans, it is an expression denoting pleasure, happiness, or amusement…’


So what is a secret smile?

Why did I call my new venture ‘Secret Smile Photography’? When I started out I focused primarily on maternity photography and I remembered how much I loved being pregnant. While I was pregnant I was unceremoniously accused of being ‘self-righteous’, ‘smug’ and ‘sickly’ for reminding another pregnant mum that although the aching back, heartburn, nausea, swollen ankles, lack of sleep, sickness and general feeling of fatness was pretty awful but hey – we’re each growing a new tiny person! That’s freakin’ awesome!! Her response really upset me for an entire day (I blame the hormones) but I soon came to realise you know what? I’m happy, call me what you want but I will spend my days secretly smiling to myself because I am gonna be a momma.

And let’s face it – why do we love photographs of people? They give us an emotional response. It’s not always a happy one – some photographs of people can make us feel sad or afraid but there are millions of parents out there who have millions of photographs of their kids and those photographs make us smile! They remind us of a journey, or a moment in time, or an event that is important to us.

Smiling is important. A smile can be infectious. If you smile at someone in the street they usually respond back with a smile. It is very difficult to be negative towards someone who is smiling. So try it. Go out there, hitch a big sunny smile on your face and see where it gets you. It once got me a job – what could your smile do for you?!

“Never frown even when you are sad, because you never know when someone could be falling in love with your smile” ~ anonymous

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