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maternity photography at Secret Smile Photography in Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire
 Maternity photography gallery

Finding out that you are expecting a new baby is such an exciting time and at Secret Smile Photography our aim is to capture this time for you to look back on and cherish forever.

Your maternity photography session will take place at the studio in Morley, LS27 and you can expect it to last around an hour although there will be no rush and we will work at your pace. When you arrive you can sit back and relax with a hot drink whilst we chat about what you want from your maternity photography experience and Lisa will take you through the various dresses and options available as well as the different types of images we can achieve in the studio using the different shooting areas and light setups.  

Your maternity photography shoot costs £45 and after your photography session your portraits will be fully edited and an ordering session will be arranged for you to come back and order your images before baby arrives. You can also combine your maternity and newborn photography shoots in a package for £85 saving £25 on booking them separately.

If you would like to book the Milestone Memories package documenting baby's 1st year then a maternity mini shoot is included in the package free of charge.

Simple, relaxed poses in a mixture of low key lighting on a dark background and more high key images using lighter backgrounds will create a beautiful gallery of portraits for you to treasure before your precious new bundle arrives. I want you to have the perfect record of this amazing time in your family's journey.

Your maternity photography session is best to take place between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant so your bump is lovely and round but you are not feeling too exhausted, I will be guided by you and if you feel like you need to move your maternity photography shoot forward depending on how you are feeling  then we can do.


The Secret Smile Photography studio on Ackroyd Street in Morley, Leeds, is warm, comfortable and relaxing. I am not only a specialist newborn and baby photographer but I am also a mother and I remember how tiring it feels to be expecting a baby so you will treated with care, ensuring that you will have bottled water and hot drinks available if you'd like them and the session is run entirely at your pace so there will be plenty of time to stop and relax in between poses.

Maternity Progression package

At Secret Smile Photography we also offer a 'Maternity Progression' package which involves five short 15 minute sessions to capture your growing bump which are then put together into a panoramic image to showcase the steady growth and arrival of your new baby. The perfect keepsake to treasure for years to come.

The Maternity Progression costs £145 and you will receive a 24"x10" panoramic framed print of your Maternity Progression to forever remember awaiting the arrival of your new baby. You will also receive a discount should you wish to book your new arrival in for a newborn photography shoot, paying just £45, a saving of £20 as well as 10% discount on package prices at your newborn photography ordering session.


Bump casting and newborn photography shoot

Bump casting is a wonderful way of documenting your pregnant tummy and has the added bonus of being able to use your resulting bump cast as a prop for your newborn session. The casting session takes around 45 minutes and your newborn photography shoot will be booked once baby has arrived. The package costs £145 and the cast is yours to keep forever.


Quite simply, I use plaster gauze bandages to take a cast of your beautiful baby bump.  The process only takes around 25 minutes and you will be able to sit back and relax with a nice cuppa on a comfy chair whilst I apply these plaster gauze strips to your bump. I need to apply roughly 3 layers building each layer so that when the plaster begins to dry the cast will retain the shape of your bump.


The process is not at all painful and will in no way harm your baby. The plaster does set slightly before I remove it but baby will still have plenty of room to wiggle and kick and about. A thin layer of petroleum jelly is used to ensure that the plaster does not stick to your skin and can easily be removed after about 15 minutes of drying. The cast is then left overnight to fully harden when I can then add new layers of the plaster gauze to strengthen the cast and refine the edges. The end result is a perfect cast of your bump that you can keep forever and parents always marvel at baby's newborn photography shoot that baby fits so neatly into your bump cast.


Don't delay, to book any of the maternity photography sessions or packages please call me, Lisa, on 07760 887946 or email for availability, alternatively use the Contact Lisa page to send me an enquiry form.
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